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Get Ready for the “7 Vote Sniff Out” Tomorrow

Starting at NOON EST Friday and ending at 12 a.m. Saturday, all Wheeling Dog Park fans have the chance to earn extra votes at petsafe.com.  We need your help.  If each of our supporters participates in the “7 Vote Sniff Out,” that would be a HUGE boost in total numbers, catapulting us into FIRST place.

So make a game plan for tomorrow to get those extra votes.  If the nearly 1,300 Facebook followers we have all earned those extra votes, that would be more than 9,000 VOTES for Friday alone not counting any Facebook votes.  Don’t forget to remind your friends, too.  Together we CAN win this!

“The 7 Vote Sniff Out” is a weekly online scavenger hunt to earn 7 extra votes for your favorite finalist. Each Friday visit www.PetSafe.net for your first clue. The clue will hint at a webpage on PetSafe.net. When you find the page, a quiz question will pop up. The webpage with the quiz question includes the answer to the question. When you get the answer correct, you’ll earn a week’s worth of extra votes for your city!




NOTE: Facebook Mobile doesn’t support tabs, which is where the contest is located on the PetSafe page. But, have no fear, Facebook and PetSafe have all your barking needs covered. You can search for “Bark For Your Park” in the search bar of your phone and grant it permission to use your account, just like you would on the web. Once you use the app, Facebook mobile will automatically bookmark the app in the sidebar of your mobile account. As always, if you have any questions, email dogpark@petsafe.net.  Please copy us, wheelingdogpark@gmail.com on your correspondence so we can stay on top of any issues.

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  1. Maryanne says:

    To make the Sniffout easier for everyone, please follow the posts on Facebook tomorrow. The clue and answer will be posted as soon as they are known (around noon). If you need help, PLEASE post on the Facebook http://www.facebook.com/WheelingDogPark – Someone will help you.

    9 votes per voter is a HUGE game changer!!

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