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EXTRA Vote Friday!!

Happy Friday!!  Let’s SNIFF out some EXTRA votes for Wheeling today.  Just follow the instructions below.  Together we CAN win this!  Let’s show the nation we are a Miracle on Paws!

  1. VOTE at http://www.petsafe.net/barkforyourpark/city/19049/wheeling-wv/?success=1&where=vote CLICK http://store.petsafe.net/easy-walk-harness
  2. CHOOSE “C” (redirects your pet’s attention back to you)
  3. Select “WHEELING” and VOTE again
  4. VOTE at Facebook (PC) http://on.fb.me/11snqSn
  5. VOTE at Facebook (Mobile) http://bit.ly/12Qansj

*Log in to your Bark for your Park account before you begin.
*May NOT work on older versions of Internet Explorer.
*The Sniff Out works on IPHONE, but is easier on a computer.
*You must disable pop up blocker.
*Log out of Facebook AND Petsafe so others to log in is using the same computer or phone.
*If you miss it today, try again tomorrow MORNING.
*Email us at WheelingDogpark@gmail.com if you need help.

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