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Busy Week…But Don’t Forget to Vote

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It’s move-in day at the Jamboree in the Hills camp grounds. How exciting..the music and fun will be starting soon. But before you pack up that cooler, make a plan for your daily votes.  We have less than TWO weeks left in the contest.  So, missing voting opportunities this week could really set us back.  Here are some ideas to help you get your votes counted and still party it up.

  • If you are going home daily, vote right before you leave the house or as soon as you walk back in the door (NOTE on Friday, the Sniff Out/Extra Seven Votes is not posted until after noon)
  • Enlist a friend or family member.  Just give that person your email and password and tell them to vote for you. Simple as that.
  • Ask us for help.  email wheelingdogpark@gmail.com to request we assist you with your voting over the next few days.

We know you will be having too much fun to remember to vote (and we understand). So be proactive and plan now.  Friday is our LAST Sniff Out, our LAST chance to earn seven extra votes per person. So a little preparation today will benefit us all on Friday.  As always, thank you for your support.  We could not do this without you!

Stay safe and hydrated this week!  And, enjoy the show!

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