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Race to Raise Funds

The Wheeling Dog Park will be participating in the Amazing Raise Ohio Valley on MAY 5TH.  This online giving event lasts ONE DAY ONLY starting at 12:00 a.m. and ending at 11:59 p.m.

Together we can build it!

Join us on this national day of giving.  With a minimum donation of $10 you be a part of canine history (at least in the Ohio Valley). All funds go towards the construction of the valley’s first dog park.

Why should you give that day?

Bonus funds and prize challenges will be awarded to the nonprofits hitting certain marks…which means greater
contributions to the valley’s dog park.  No matter how big or small, your donation can help us win additional funds.  The sooner we get the funds needed, the sooner your pups can frolic freely!

So what do we need you to do? Amazing Raise logo

REMIND yourself to donate on May 5th.  Have an alert go off on your phone or place sticky notes all over your house.

Spread the Word and tell all of your family and friends to donate on that day.  Better yet, organize a donation collection at your office or among your friends and donate the funds on behalf of your group.

Go Online and make your donation.

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