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Rules and Regulations

Like other dog parks across the nation, there will be rules and regulations, including but not limited to, dog behavior, health and well-being.Wordle

According to the ASPCA, healthy, vaccinated dogs are at low risk of becoming ill as a result of visiting a dog park.

Signage at the park will indicate the required vaccinations and licenses, etiquette regarding how dogs (and owners) should interact, as well as behaviors to watch for to ward off potential issues among the dogs. The city’s insurance covers liability.

The park will be “policed” (politely, of course) by the very people who care about its success, the dog owners. Waste stations will be scattered through the park to facilitate scooping. In addition, lights and surveillance will be in place for security.

Occasionally, the park will be closed at non-peak hours for dog socialization classes for those animals not properly socialized.

Phone numbers for both Wheeling Police and the Ohio County Dog Warden will be clearly posted.  Additionally, the park will fall under all laws and ordinances of the City of Wheeling.

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